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GARDEN : The well-kept garden extends around the village, surrounding the central pool, extending up to the avenues where there are housing complexes.

1 HALL: Resort entrance







8-9 SWIMMING POOLS : a large swimming pool offers the opportunity to enjoy moments of fun and healthy relaxation alternate water aerobics. Adjacent to the pool there is a comfortable children's swimming pool.

10 PING PONG : in the center, under a fresh gazebo, we find the ping pong table, ready to host tournaments and individual challenges.

10 LOBBY - BAR: the heart of the village, a small square, here we find the bar that thanks to his style, evoking distant scenery. The bar offers a complete service, from 8:00 am until late at night, ready to satisfy every desire.

11 BABY AREA: behind the central bar is located a well equipped playground for children. The baby area is revived at the private beach.

12 AMPHITHEATRE: the large amphitheater, adjacent to the central lobby, accommodates up to 600 people and due to its structure becomes a mini "disco" for the little ones and place of shows offered from the entertaining staff.

13 PINEGROVE : through the fresh pine grove we have a direct access to the coast, with the adjacent private beach. Marine pines make a pleasant walk in a sweltering day.

14 ARCHERY : from the green of the pine grove born the polygon, where anyone  thanks to the instructor, may feel a modern William Tell.

15 SOCCER FIELD : pitch with synthetic grass dedicated to who want to challenge ...

16 TENNIS FIELD: for a double or a single , field tennis grass is ready to welcome you .

17 RESTAURANT: indoor restaurant with air and a big terrace

18 BAZAAR: possibility to buy newspaper and magazine

19 SPA & WELLNESS: are at guest desposal all the time 365 days.

20 LUXOR ROOM: meeting room

"A": Beach bar

"B": Beach umbrella

"C": Beach volley

"D": Beach soccer

"E": Naval college