Thanks to its strategic location, Giardini d'Oriente resort, provides excursions throughout the territory of Puglia and Basilicata, ensuring a step back in history to the old ways of Magna Grecia.

Matera half day
Recognized in 1993 as "World Heritage Site UNESCO" for the uniqueness of the Sassi, the ancient districts whose houses have been excavated in the rock. Visits to some sites used by American director Mel Gibson during the filming of the movie " The Passion". Tasting of local products.

Sassi of Matera by night
This excursion is scheduled to leave in the late afternoon, visit of the city at night and buffet dinner in a typical restaurant, located in the historic center.

Welcome to Lucania - Policoro / Anglona / Tursi half day
Visit the National Museum of Siris of Policoro Continue to the Shrine of St. Mary Anglona , one of the most famous medieval monuments in the region. Continue to Tursi , with tasting of typical products.

Martina Franca / Alberobello half day
The excursion includes a walk in the pretty town of Martina Franca, with a visit of the old town, continuing to Alberobello, UNESCO site since 1996.

For all the excursions you can request a POCKET LUNCH to take away. In addition to organized tours you can visit little known places but loads of magic as Rocca Imperiale , the first country in Calabria , Valsinni and Craco , uninhabited country , where it was filmed most of the movie " The Passion." Bernalda , where we find within a farm of 80 hectares a golf course that did not affect the original appearance of places : 18 holes that develop among citrus groves , vineyards and Mediterranean vegetation.

Nearby you can visit the remains of the ancient city and the Museums of Metaponto and Heraclea; the historical park of the Grancia, il the Natural Park of Pollino, the Park of Gallipoli Cognato and Lucanian Dolomites.

It is also easy to reach Puglia and its unique landscapes as Alberobello, Martina Franca and the Caves of Castellana.